About Joblexia

Joblexia is an online knowledge database focusing on jobs, education and salary.



It can be difficult to know what you’re getting into when starting a new job or choosing a new career path. At Joblexia, you get an overview of the tasks and daily life in the most popular jobs in Denmark today. In addition, some of our articles also offer tips and advice on how to improve your chances of getting a job.


Education and training

The education system can be a jungle to navigate – and it’s not made any easier by the fact that there are both public and private education programmes. At Joblexia, you’ll find a brief overview of the most in-demand education programmes in Denmark.

Our descriptions of the programmes differ from others in that we always compare the programmes with the specific jobs – i.e. where other websites typically describe the programmes in a general and overall way, we describe them in relation to specific jobs.

Example: In the Bakery and Pastry Chef programme, as the name suggests, you can become either a baker or a pastry chef. However, in our articles about bakers, we focus mostly on the factors in the programme that are relevant for bakers. In our articles about pastry chefs, on the other hand, we focus on the educational factors that are most important for pastry chefs.



While money isn’t everything, it’s worth taking into account when choosing a job and education. At Joblexia, you’ll find information on average salaries and salary differences for the majority of Danish professions. In addition, some of the articles contain:

Advice and tips on how to increase your salary in each profession
Salary statistics and information about collective agreements, minimum wages, etc. that are typically difficult to find

All information on Joblexia is free and available to all users. The website is financed by adverts in the articles.